Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend Pairing 4/10

This weekend we are celebrating spring with goat cheese! After months of the Chicago cold, snow and general yuck we know the good weather is coming because goat cheeses are entering the cheese case. This weekend we are pairing Zingerman's Creamery cheese with a lovely Pinot Noir from Hinman Vineyards in Oregon.

Jan declares that a big strawberry, jammy, vanilla easy to drink wine like our 2007 Oregon Pinot is a perfect match with goat cheese and she's right! This wine is fruity without being sweet, and big in flavor without being tannic. Perfect for ushering the new season.

The Lincoln Log is from our friends at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI. This is a perfect cheese (IMHO). Creamy, and crumby, milky, goaty, and with that slight undercurrent of citrus that you get with a fresh goat cheese. This is a perfect introduction to spring!

The Detroit St. Brick is named for the street Zingerman's is on. This cheese is combined with green peppercorns throughout. Not only is this a great fresh goat cheese, but it's a wonderful way to experience a flavored cheese. Well balanced, acidic, sharp and scrumptious!