Friday, April 23, 2010

Cheese is Goud-a

I can't believe I'm trying to pun on Gouda. I'm slightly embarrassed, but clearly not enough to change the title.
On Saturday 4/24 from 1-4pm at our Lakeview store the fine folks from Oakvale Farmstead Cheese will be stopping by to demo their fantastic cheese-Oakvale Gouda. We have paired their cheese with red and white wine in the past, this Saturday we'll be trying it with some locally made jams from Quince & Apple. Delish!

We've got a new pairing for you too. Kirkham's Lancashire from Great Britain. Brought to our shores by the fine folks at Neal's Yard Dairy.

This cheese is made with curds from three different days. Historically Lancashire was made in this fashion because the cheesemaker didn't have a large enough herd to yield the amount of milk in one day that could create a large wheel. Following his mother's recipe, Graham Kirkham is better control the acidity of the cheese, and by rubbing butter on the clothbound cheese (a less air tight seal than wax) the tangy, lemony, yogurt like flavors and crumbly texture are able to develop.

Each store is also pairing a jam from our Italian line. Our favorites are the pear ginger and the pumpkin and citrus marmalade. Both of these jams from a small producer that Cesar met on his travels last year complement the cheese perfectly. The pear and ginger highlight the lemony aspects of the cheese, and the pumpkin citrus really brings out it's buttery flavors. Each store has a different jam to sample out. Come in an get a taste!

Our weekly pairings wouldn't be the same without a nice beverage to sip along side and this week Jamie has suggested a new sparkler for us-Mont Marcal Brut Cava from Spain. In response to Spain's shortage of water supply in many winemaking regions the people of Mont Marcal reuse and re-purify the water for their vineyards. Their Cava is made in the Champagne method. Light delicate bubbles, crisp freshness with aromas of brioche, apples, citrus and tropical fruit. Enjoy!