Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weekly Pairing and Free Tasting

As the seasons change, our cheese case and wine wall do as well. This week we're showcasing Queso de la Serena from Spain and 2006 Vinaceaous "Red Right Hand" from Australia.

Queso de la Serena is a bold creamy cheese from Extremadura, Spain in the southwest of the country. Rich and buttery, it has notes of grasses, fruits and even roast lamb. Interesting fact: The rennet used in this cheese comes from thistle making this a tangy, grassy, creamy, strong cheese,that is vegetarian friendly.

To drink, we suggest one of our new friends on the wine wall, the "Red Right Hand" from McLaren Vale along the southern coast of Australia. This wine is a blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Temranillo grapes. Plum, raspberry jam, nutmeg and vanilla are well balanced by kid-glove leather and gunsmoke. Complex, mysterious and dark this medium to full bodied wine is a great partner for the big bold flavors of the Queso de la Serena.

Don't forget, this Saturday is our free monthly wine tasting at the Loop location. This month we're featuring "Handmade Wines". Come join us from 6:30pm until the last drop is poured to find out what makes these wines so special.