Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Can-Do Cantal!

Week number two of the bad almost-pun title. I'm just feeling a bit squirrely I guess. This week we are introducing two brand new products to our shelves.

First up is the Cantal Entre Deux. Brought from the Auvergne Mountains to our friend Soyoung at Andante Dairy. She then selects extra aged wheels for us. Made from the milk of French Salers cows this raw milk cheese is usually aged for 4-6 months. Ours is 10 months old. It has a Cheddar like quality but with a lingering creamy mouth feel. The flavors are earthy, bacon fat, pine nuts, brown butter and a little bit custardy. Absolutely delicious!

Pour a class of the 2007 Powers Merlot from Washington State. Dark fruit with cherries and cassis, and tobacco heightened by sweet violets. Aged in French Oak for 13 months softens the mouthfeel without making the wine "too oaky". The wine is very jammy and the cheese has a bit of a pine nut quality.