Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Wine Tastings and Pairing

This Saturday is our free Saturday wine tasting at the Loop location from 6:30-8pm. The theme this month is holiday wines. Wines not just great for the season, but ones that will make your holiday feast even more delicious.

This Saturday we're also trying a new event at our Lakeview location. We are going to be doing a free tasting this Saturday from 3-6pm. We will be pouring samples from four different bottles.

We also have a new pairing. The cheese is from Hillis Peak from Pholia Farm Creamery in Rogue River, Oregon. Made from a small herd on a farm that is off the grid, this goat's milk cheese is rubbed in a mix of oil and paprika and aged for up to six months. Nutty and sharp with a pleasant earthiness this is a great example of American artisan cheesemaking.

For the wine we go to Lodi, California and Benson Ferry Vineyards for their 2006 Zinfandel "Nine x Nine". A full bodied wine this red has dark, rich flavors of blackberries and coffee. Big enough to stand on it's own, but delicate enough to compliment foods without dominating the palate.