Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekend Pairing

This weekend we are doing different pairings at each location. At our Lakeview store we are pairing a new favorite cheese, Cana de Cabra with a fig almond spread and a lovely 2007 Lini Labrusca from Italy.

If you like Boucheron, you'll love this Spanish goat's milk cheese. Aged for about three weeks this cheese has a grassiness and slight citrus flavor. Delightful with the fig almond paste.

For those of you who have had Labrusca in the past: this is nothing like that Labrusca. Not as fizzy as a champagne, not as sweet as the Labruscas you've tried in the past. Tart and fizzy with cranberry notes this wine is a perfect pairing for cheese, and dinner.

At our Loop store we are pairing the 2003 Malveria from Piemonte, Italy with the Bourbon Chocolate Torta from Capriole in nearby Indiana. Judy turns her goat cheese into a delicious treat by adding chocolate, bourbon soaked currants, and pecans. This is a decadent taste sensation! Lucky for us (and you) Malveria loves chocolate! The light fizz, strawberry, and flowery notes help cleanse the palate and whet your appetite for more. More chocolate cheese! More Malveria!


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