Thursday, April 23, 2009

Events Future, Event Past

Last weekend we had the great pleasure of having Charuth and Krista at both of our locations. In addition to being great cheesemakers this ladies proved that when it's "Dance time" at the shop, they can most definitely hang.

There had some great experiences, and found out that a lot more of you are from Nebraska than we knew. Charuth's babysitter and neighbor came to the Lakeview shop by happenstance on Saturday. Krista and Charuth are great examples of how being passionate in your work can yield great results!

Charuth even left us a few goaty samples. This is the Tomme. It is a raw milk goat cheese aged for 4 months with a vegetable ash rind. Similar to a Garrotxa in flavor, but tastier because we know the maker.

This weekend we have a show at His Stuff on Friday, and Sunday we have Leslie Cooperband from Prairie Fruits Farm coming. On Saturday we are going to do a "cracking of the cheese" at our Loop store. Alison will be tackling the 80lb. wheel of Comte. Comte is one of France's greatest exports, and is a staff and customer favorite. There is a specific way to cut this cheese, and if you come by the shop on Saturday between 1-2pm, you'll learn all about it. You'll also get a chance to taste some "freshly cracked" Comte.


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