Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet the Maker

What do you get when you add one plus one? You get ridiculously good cheese. This weekend come to our Loop store on Friday 4-6:30pm or our Lakeview store on Saturday from 1-4pm and meet the cheesemakers behind our favorite cheese from Nebraska, Lancaster Duet. Sold under the Farmstead First label this cheese is a collaboration of Charuth Loth from Dutch Girl Creamery and Krista Pittman of Branched Oak Farm.

Duet is not only in reference to these two friends coming together, but also to the milk blend of cow and goat that create this unique cheese that is similar to a Gouda, but with a bit more bite. Lancaster Duet is a farmstead cheese. What this means is that the animals are raised and milked on the same land where their milk is turned into cheese. Making cheese this way gives the cheesemaker an advantage. They know exactly how their animals are raised, what they're eating and how they're treated. They can control every aspect of their cheeesemaking. Not every cheesemaker is able to do this.

Come in this weekend, meet Krista and Charuth and find out for yourself why this cheese became an instant staff favorite!

As an added bonus Jan has promised to find us the perfect wine pairing for us to taste alongside the cheese. Tasting wine, eating cheese and speaking directly with the cheesemakers? This is a great weekend!

Krista and Charuth prove that being neighborly has it's rewards. It's yummy cheesy rewards.

Charuth loves goats. Goats love Charuth. Sometimes it's just that simple.


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