Friday, April 3, 2009

Pastoral Poetry

This weekend we're doing a non-alcoholic pairing for you. We just started receiving the Fentimans sodas and they are phenomenal! The staff favorite is currently the Shandy. With flavors like lemon, honey and hops, this is an easy drink by itself, with a picnic, or with an old friend like another staff favorite, Winnimere.

Oh lovely cheese from the Northeast Kingdom of VT, how we adore you. "Winnie" is made by our friends at Jasper Hill Farm. This cheese was the centerfold of our favorite cheese magazine's premiere issue (Check them out here: Culture: the word on cheese).

A seasonal cheese, the Winnie is made between October and April only. The anticipation builds in the store until we get our first wheels in January. Then like a pack of wolves the staff descends upon the cheese. Almost reluctantly we put cheese in the case to sell to customers. Leather, beefy, sultry, creamy, nutty goodness. But why should I bore you with mere words about this cheese? A few members of our staff came up with some haiku's:

Sultry Winnimere
Matilda bathed, wrapped in spruce
Ooze into my heart

Creamy, gooey joy
I do not want to share this
But karma commands

Winnie and Shandy
You need not always drink wine
Cheese can pair with "pop"

Thanks to Cristi for coming up with some lines when all I could do was giggle.


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