Friday, May 29, 2009

New Pairing

Wrapping up our "Go Local" month, this weekend we are pairing Oakvale Farmstead Gouda from Ohio with Potter's crackers and one our favorite beers, Matilda from Goose Island right here in Chicago.

Matilda is a great Belgian-style pale ale. Clean, hoppy and a great pairing for washed rinds, and our lovely Gouda. If you've tried Winnimere cheese from Jasper Hill in Vermont you've already had an informal introduction to Matilda. It's the beer used for washing the rind of the cheese.

Oakvale Farmstead Gouda from London, Ohio is a lovely representation of the classic Dutch cheese. Mild, smooth and buttery with notes of toasted nuts and hay. A throwback to how Gouda tasted centuries ago painstakingly hand-crafted by the King family.


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