Friday, July 17, 2009

My First Cheese Making Experience!

So, a couple weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of visiting two farms in Lincoln, Nebraska. The experience that I had was like no other. I had the pleasure of helping Charuth Loth, of ShadowBrook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery, and Krista Dittman, of Branched Oak Farm, sell cheese at the wonderful farmers markets in Lincoln. I also had the privilege of spending two days helping, or at least I hope I was, making Lancaster Duet as well as other wonderful cheeses that they produce.

Myself (Greg Ellis), Charuth Loth and Krista Dittman standing outside of the cheese room after a long morning of making cheese.

Charuth giving me a first hand look at their cheese cave. I was in cheese heaven!

Look at me! My first time making cheese. I really got the full "hands on" experience!

Ok, now I don't think there is anything better than this. I had the opportunity to see the whole cheese making process. Everything starts right here.

These women work very hard to make wonderful cheese that we at Pastoral love. Their belief in local, organic products really shines through in the cheeses that they make. I encourage anyone to check out what they are doing as well as try as many of their cheese that you can get your hands on. Most don't make it out of the Nebraska, but hopefully they soon will. Thank you Charuth and Krista for a great experience!

Greg Ellis

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  1. It was great to have you here and YES you were definitely a help and pleasure to have! Hopefully more of your colleagues will come visit us, too! Thanks for your visit!