Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking For Something To Do?

This city is full of great things to do and this week we're showcasing a few that we're particularly excited about.
This Thursday you can explore the world of beer pairing at the "A Taste of Fall Event" being held at Goose Island Brewery from 6:30-10:30.  Proceeds benefit the Lincoln Park Community Shelter.

Looking for something creative?  Why not head over to the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts. Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 10-5. Take a stroll on Broadway going south from Roscoe to Belmont and check out all of the great works on display. If you visit the Intelligentsia down on Randolph and Wabash you can get a preview of Jason Brammer's art hanging on their walls.

Prefer something more filling?  The Chicago Gourmet event is also going on this weekend.  Chicago has got a lot of food talent, and you've got the opportunity to sample from some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country.  We're also going to be there with a Midwest Cheese Tent and perhaps some special cheese guest stars!  Come on by and visit!


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