Thursday, May 6, 2010 and cheese

This week we're visiting a B&B. Cheese from Britain and Beer from Belgium.

Harbourne Blue from Devon is a pasteurized goat's milk blue. Currently it is the only goat blue in Britain. Our wheels of Harbourne have a rich floral flavor with slight sweetness. A little bit of pepper flavor with a long finish, a spiciness that comes with blue cheese, and a tang that comes from goat's milk. Easily one of our favorite blues.

When beer buyer Xian was describing Saison Dupont to the staff the other day he used four words. Spicy, complex, fruity and floral. Saison Dupont from Tourpes, Belgium is all of these things of course but Saison beers have an interesting history behind them. Traditionally brewed in the autumn and winter months when the weather was at optimum temperature for fermentation. The beer had to have enough alcohol to preserve the beer until the next brewing, and still be thirst-quenching enough to satisfy during the hot summer months. Spicy, complex, fruity and floral. Come in this weekend and taste for yourself.

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