Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pairing of the Week

We've got another great pairing for you all this week. Our cheese of the week is Oakvale Gouda from London, Ohio.

Oakvale Farmstead Cheese is located just outside of Columbus, OH. The family has been milking since the mid 1800's and use a Holstein-Friesian breed of cattle that give a richer taste and higher protein content than their American Holstein cousins. Oakvale Gouda is aged for less than six months which is just enough time for the paste to develop a slightly sweet, nutty grassy flavor profile. The sustainable and seasonal practices that the farm employs means that each wheel is slightly different from the one before. Wheels made in the spring have a fresh pasture taste to them while the fall made cheeses have more hay and hazelnut. A fantastic American- made Gouda from people who pride themselves on their commitment to the land, animals and cheese.

For wines this week we couldn't decide if we wanted to go white or red. If you're a red drinker, we suggest the Shannon Ridge 2007 "Wrangler Red" from California. The sustainably farmed blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Zinfandel and Barbera is big and bold. Aging in oak for 8 months lends some buttery notes to a red that boasts flavors of juicy plums, dark cherries, pepper and baking spices. Fantastic wine that pairs nicely with cheese.

Or maybe white wine is your thing. In that case you'll want to try the Eola Hills 2008 Reserve "La Creole" Chardonnay from Oregon. Aged in oak, the vanilla aromas give way to flavors of pear, oak, butter and tangy citrus. If you love big California Chardonnay you've got to try this!

Stop by our stores this weekend and decide for yourself if you love the big juicy dark fruit of the Shannon Ridge, or the buttery citrus oakiness of the Eola Hills. Either way you win!

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