Friday, April 16, 2010

Cheese, Beer and Events! Oh, My!

So, what are you doing this coming Tuesday, April 20? I guess it all depends on which store you visit.

We're kicking off our lunch hour at Lake St. with a demo starring Andy from Uplands Cheese in Wisconsin. Trivia time: Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the only cheese to have twice won the "Best of Show" award from the ACS
Andy Hatch will be stopping by to demo Pleasant Ridge Reserve and to answer any questions you may have about seasonality, the cheese making process, or their commitment to the land and the animals that are raised there.

Starting at 5:30pm at our French market location Leslie Cooperband from Prairie Fruits Farm will be sampling some of her tasty farmstead goat cheeses. Fresh chevre anyone?

But what are you going to do in the evening say around 7:30? Our suggestion is the Craft Beer, Charcuterie & Cheese class taught by Xian at our Broadway locale. Xian is not only the assistant manager of the Broadway store, but has recently taken on the task of creating a fantastic beer program for all three of our locations. It's true, beer pairs better with cheese than wine does. Come to class and let Xian tell you why!

All of this happens next Tuesday, but what if you're hungry now? Our suggestion is French cheese and Belgian-style beer.

Saint Marcellin is our cheese suggestion this week. This French cheese is made in the Rhone Alps and has an earthy and mushroomy flavor (think truffles). Creamy, silky smooth and milky this little disk of fromage is absolutely delicious and has a tang and slight flavor of fresh baked bread.

What to pair with this truffle, earthy, yeasty silky smooth disk of cheese? Xian says that beer is the answer. Specifically the Rare Vos from Ommegang brewery in upstate NY. This Belgian-style beer has a little bit of spice to it with along with strong orange, caramel and biscuit aromas. This fruity, yeasty dry beer has a fantastic balance of bitterness, acidity and minerality and is just a perfect complement to the Saint Marcellin.

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