Friday, April 9, 2010

New Pairing

Technically it's springtime in Chicago. Apparently this week that means heavy sweaters, thick blankets and nights of freezing temperatures. Never fear. We've got a great combo for you to nibble on while you wait for warmer days.

Our cheese this week is Dante from the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative. Aged for a minimum of six months, this seasonally made sheep's milk cheese is rich and slightly fruity with citrus and nutty notes.
Fifteen family farms including Hidden Springs Creamery of Driftless cheese fame come together, pooling their milk and resources to create a business that directly supports small farms. We love the complex, firm, dry cheese and it's quickly becoming a customer favorite.

For the wine this week, Jamie recommends the Quintay "Clava" Chardonnay from Chile. This wine is fresh, crisp and juicy. Aromas of pears, green apples, lemon zest and white peaches give way to a creamy finish with just a hint of oak. If you love the subtle complex flavors of Chardonnay from Burgundy, France this wine will knock your socks off! A perfect companion to a cheese plate with Dante and Comte. Enjoy!


  1. Next time we have bad weather in Chicago, we're going to grab our wallet and camp up by you folks ~ such deliciousness you inspire!

  2. All of our inspiration comes form the hard-working producers of the products we carry. We love hearing that our passion is contagious!